Desktop Beta 5.3!

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Desktop Beta 5.3!

Post by popcorn-time » Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:37 pm

Hi All,

New . for desktop is out and about, should update automatically for you all, but if not or if you can't wait for the update and have to get it now, is where you should go.

Change log:
1. Chromecast and Apple TV buttons, which were a bit shy in . . and were "hiding" are back where they should be! No need to scroll. We also made some Chromecast support updates and it should run more smoothly.
2. . start up time improved!! Now it opens up like a panther :)
3. Can't change cache folder directory bug - fixed. Save the content to which ever folder suits you best!
4. Improved torrent download speed.
Also we did some work on subtitles support which has been lacking a bit because of a bug we had. We added many subtitles to movies and TV shows that lacked them and we promise to keep working and adding and fixing until all content is subtitled in *almost* all languages out there!!!

Exciting things are coming to desktop very VERY soon.... Big awesome changes that you all will adore, so stay tuned and stay awesome :ugeek:

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