Popcorn time still downloading to C

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Popcorn time still downloading to C

Post by Dystopian » Wed Apr 14, 2021 8:50 am

I set the cache folder for PT to my D drive, because my C drive is relatively small, but PT keeps downloading to C, clogging up all the available space. I don't see any other places to set downloads folder, so... bug?

I'm using PT for windows 10 desktop.
My C drive has 500 gigs capacity, which was filled to the brim earlier with PT stuff. My computer started slowing down because of it. :cry:

I need a way to fix this or using PT will become very inconvenient, which would be a pity, because I enjoy the app overall.

While I'm here though, let me point out two other flaws/bugs:

1. When you download something with a vpn and turn it off afterwards (or vice versa), the download won't play, probably because of some IP issue with the networks being different. This should not happen ofc, since the file is already downloaded. Please look into this.
2. The subtitles on PT are far less than optimal. Often the subs are out of sync or the languages are just wrong and you have to either try to figure out which language English is hidden under or just download your own subs file because English is just missing altogether.
Also, being able to have a default sub and to turn on said default sub with every download would also be very practical. When watching a non-English series, I constantly have to go back to the comp every episode to put the subs right again. It's a bit of a hassle.

thanks for your time. Keep up the good work.

PS: why are the words P0pc0rn T1me and 0pt10n replaced by dots on this forum?

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